humbling along



This is a quick emotional muster at the start of the week.

Yesterday I spent the day at our Victorian Greens Women’s Network Conference.  As part of an exercise we discussed women as leaders and what some of the qualities were in women that we admired. This morning I’m trying to quickly unpack why I had an instant and negative response to humble as a positive quality. Then I need to get on with business.

Other people have done a much better job than me at analysing qualities of women and leadership but here are a couple of of thoughts. I’m the result of aspirational family dynamics. I was encouraged to achieve but at the same time told not to get my hopes up. It was also not the done thing to sell yourself too much lest ye be accused of having tickets on yourself. The worst.

I guess you could say I was raised that being humble is a good thing.

So what happens when you grow up, become ambitious, feminist, driven? Is it possible to be all of those things and also humble?


I’m going to go with a tentative yes and shape what I mean by humble. To me it means backing yourself without diminishing others. It especially means acknowledging the contribution other people have made to your success. It means not bringing the drawbridge up after yourself, but shoving a massive stick in the cogs so that no-one else can either (sorry about mixing the metaphor, I haven’t had a coffee yet).

So, there are a few thoughts about being humble. If you have any please let me know. Go forth into the week lovelies. Back yourself, back others.

Toni Morrison


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