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Galileo’s Finger and my response to the current political situation.


On Friday night I presented to the New Cardigan July gathering. Regular readers won’t be hugely surprised to learn the subject of my talk included tea rings on archival records, floppy discs, and how we retain the material elements of archives when we digitise.

We also explored what archival access might look like in the future, once emerging technologies like Virtual Reality have made it easier to read text and become more user friendly for glasses wearers.

Discussion afterwards was engaging and broad, there was a lot of talk about how we curate our own archive of born digital material (and gain control of it). I had a fascinating chat about how we might unintentionally impose archival gatekeeper mentality into the design of digital experiences. This all definitely needs some more talk.

I’ve include the links to the slide pack, notes and the storify of the twitter conversation. Thanks to everyone who came, it was fun!

Materiality and the Emotions of Access – Michaela Hart – New Cardigan Talk July 2016 –

Slide Pack – New Cardi Presentation – Materiality and the Emotions of Access


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