The Significance of Significance

I’ve been spending too much timely lately over-thinking something, and now here I am on Monday morning over-thinking the over-thinking.

At what point does common garden variety thinking tip over? Last week after a splendid session of ‘what does this mean?’, I texted a fellow archivist and friend;

You know I’ve realised the poisoned chalice of being archivists is that we look for significance in everything.

We do spend a lot of time thinking about the significance of things. The importance of a record, its uniqueness, its context. How it contributes to broader understanding. Our brains are trained to filter information this way. It becomes a problem when it becomes our singular obsession, blocking out other things and interfering with our relationships.

So. I am going to bless my thought bubble. Maybe tie a string around it like a balloon. Let it go but keep it tied to my finger maybe. Just in case.



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One Response to The Significance of Significance

  1. Tony says:

    I did therapy a while back based on a technique called ACT. It’s all about paying attention to your thoughts only if they’re helpful, otherwise they’re just thoughts… and they can just be there.

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