What’s in a name?

Our name is one of the first things we learn how to speak. A unique identifier which stamps our place in the world. It is the point from which we are connected to others.

I have a name that I love, but is difficult for people to pronounce. I use it as a test. I have found that if people give a shit about me they will make an effort to get it right.

power in a name

In a conversation with a friend recently I mentioned I was adopted and that I had been given another name by my birth mother. I didn’t learn about this other name until I had my birth records released in my twenties and it was learning of this other name that held the most power in that experience. I sometimes wonder about who that other person might have become. She certainly wouldn’t have spent a lifetime correcting pronunciation.


Yesterday afternoon I was at the State Library of Victoria for a letter press workshop. Learning how to ‘set a line’ (newly learnt printing term), chock it into a frame, prime the press, choose the paper. All intoxicating and new and wonderful.

Of course I chose to print my name, as did everyone else.

poem in print

I suspect there is more to say, but because its #blogjune I might pace myself.


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2 Responses to What’s in a name?

  1. inthemailbox says:

    I have an easy to pronounce name, but everyone gets it wrong when they see it, even if they have said it correctly previously, or they have asked me for the correct pronunciation.
    I have a friend with your name as her middle name – she pronounces it Mik – eye – ella.

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  2. sandy says:

    Some nice food for thought in this post. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

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