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Mapping Suffrage

First attempt at using CartoDB  and  TimelineJS to map the progress of women’s suffrage by country and year. Both were tools I was introduced to last year with the Digital Fabulists. The time consuming part was building the data set, then checking that my … Continue reading

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(hashtag) Queer Archivist

I went to  Midsumma Carnival  this afternoon. It was hot, and there were crowds of people. I wasn’t having fun. Luckily I was there with a friend who isn’t a fan of crowds or heat either. We hid in the … Continue reading

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Diving Below The Surface

My first two blog posts were about mapping the surfaces of my work in archives. New Year ’s Day seems as good a time as any to start diving below that surface. 2015 was the year I started having lots of … Continue reading

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